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Tips to Get the Best Hardwood Floor Installation and Refinishing


While you can buy books and even video tapes on refinishing hardwood floors from home improvement stores as well as the internet, there are many things that might not be mentioned. There is some expertise as well as techniques that you will need when it comes to refinishing floors. You need to have a lot of patience and be detail oriented for you to do a good job at refinishing your hardwood floor. First, you need to plan the hardwood floor refinishing. You must do your homework on the type of hardwood that you are dealing with. Add up the costs of buying and renting all the products that you will need for the job.


You could also contact a few hardwood floor refinishing professionals and see how much they would actually charge for the same job. Next you will need to examine the floor for the raised nails, carpet tacks and the like. You then have to clean up all the dust that you will have created by the sanding. You can stain if you want but you can also skip the step all together to have that natural look. The next step you need to do is seal and finish the floor with polyurethane. The oil sealers have been used for centuries to protect and moisture-proof the wood. They are easy to apply and you can also do spot touch-ups in a snap.


If you want to wax, this is the old-fashioned way to refinish wood floors and was routinely used before polyurethanes. Homeowners are now using the paste and liquid versions that for a mellow look. For the people that prefer more natural products, you should opt for the ones that have lower levels of toxicity and VOCs.


Never underestimate the amount of dust that the wood floor refinishers job will have. The polyurethane tends to produce a very strong odor. It is important that you wear protective clothing like dust masks, goggles and the boiler suits to ensure that you are safe throughout the whole exercise. You do not have to worry about pet stains. This is because sanding out and bleaching are unpredictable alternatives that you should not be forced to take. Dark ebony stain is the best stain to help the damaged areas less noticeable. Weigh the difference in cost to the amount you are willing to pay to guarantee a beautiful efficient and worry-free job.